iPad mini first impressions…

by Mark Stewart on 12/05/2013, no comments

For my soon-to-be birthday, I pre-empted the wife and kids and picked up an iPad mini. I’ve been debating myself as to whether the next purchase would be a Nexus 7 or an iPad- the mini is mid-cycle whereas the Nexus is likely dropping a new version this week at Google IO. In the end the eco-system lock-in got me, and I picked up a black 64GB wifi iPad mini at the Austin Domain Apple Store (thanks to my friend Curtis, with a 15% friends and family discount).

The first thing I noted was the solid feel. It’s heft is palpable without being actually heavy. About as thin as you could want and it’s bezel is minimal.

Installing apps slowed the interface response- but our fast cable connection meant the ~30GB of apps appeared fairly speedily. Set up as a new iPad, one of the current weaknesses of the “Springboard” home screen became apparent. Moving apps around into folders (when you have lots of them like I do) becomes a huge chore- it wouldn’t be an overstatement that I spent more than an hour just dragging apps around into my preferred order. Here is my first page on the Springboard:



Note that with almost everything in folders, there are still four pages of apps! You can see why starting over with an Android is painful to contemplate.

The increased pixel density of the mini vs the iPad 2 is nice. Not ‘Retina’ nice, but appreciably better. Browsing is speedy, sound is good, and the whole package is slick.

After putting it though its paces some more I’ll come back with a more detailed post.

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