Will post more soon…

by Mark Stewart on 28/01/2015, no comments

the new (hard to call it ‘new’ still, but hey…) job alongside the usual family life time-sink has been wholly consuming. I’ve finally been able to come up for air a bit lately and should be much more active. I’ve installed a new theme I noticed surfing called ilisa. Very minimalist and tasteful. See y’all […]


by Mark Stewart on 15/06/2014, no comments

Sometimes you wait for the dollar theatre because you suspect that a movie won’t be worth the full price of admittance for a first run movie. Noah was one of those for us. We’d heard conflicting reviews from friends and family, though the Rotten Tomatoes score was decent. It definitely wasn’t one on our ‘must-see’ […]

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Review

by Mark Stewart on 12/05/2014, no comments

The combination of a long day in the sun working on the yard (including the resultant sunburn) and a late showing, after a dinner date with my wife, made me a bit groggy for this movie. The result was a bit of head nodding during some of the climatic showdowns. Which is actually apropos for this particular […]


by Mark Stewart on 19/04/2014, no comments

Recovering an old hard drive, I came across something I wrote in 2005- don’t think I ever ‘polished’ it, but here it is raw and unedited: Trapped in a sea of possibility lo here lo there my minds eye spins warps and weaves the threads of future happenings the paths diverge and surge with uncounted […]

iPad mini first impressions…

by Mark Stewart on 12/05/2013, no comments

For my soon-to-be birthday, I pre-empted the wife and kids and picked up an iPad mini. I’ve been debating myself as to whether the next purchase would be a Nexus 7 or an iPad- the mini is mid-cycle whereas the Nexus is likely dropping a new version this week at Google IO. In the end the eco-system […]

Networking, moving to it’s own home…

by Mark Stewart on 01/05/2013, no comments

I’ve been wanting to keep my personal separated more from the professional, so I’ve created a separate blog and wiki for networking. At you’ll find my blog, with the wiki (with networking specific information) at the /wiki subdirectory. I’ve got lots of ideas for articles, so expect to see a plethora of articles presently…

Hardcore History

by Mark Stewart on 26/12/2012, no comments

To formally kick of the first real content of my blog, I’ve decided to write about something that has been an immensely satisfying way to while away my commute. While the vast majority of content available to us on the internet is pap, the magic is when we are able to find something special that […]

Hello world!

by Mark Stewart on 03/12/2012, no comments

This blog will be my home on the web, with aspects reflecting my different interests: religion, cosmology, computer networking, computer security, Apple related computing, Raspberry Pi, electronics, politics and history.